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Best Retirement Villages in Australia with Affordable Luxury and Financial Perks 

Best Retirement Villages in Australia

Welcome to Retirement Living Paradise! 

Dreaming of a vibrant retirement filled with comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury? Look no further than Australia’s finest retirement villages, including some of the top-rated retirement villages in South Australia!  

These havens offer a perfect blend of independent living, supportive communities, and top-notch amenities – all at surprisingly affordable prices, making them the perfect choice for your golden years. But with so many options, how do you find the Best Retirement Villages in Australia, including those ideal retirement villages in South Australia, that cater to your desires for both affordability and a luxurious lifestyle? 

This guide will unveil the secrets to finding your ideal retirement haven. We’ll explore the concept of “affordable luxury” in retirement villages, highlight some financial perks to consider, and finally, showcase a few villages that embody this perfect balance.  

Affordable Luxury in Retirement Villages 

Forget the misconception of “affordable luxury” being an impossible dream. In the world of retirement villages, it’s a reality you can embrace!

Here’s how it translates into a fantastic living experience for retirees: 

High-Quality Living 

Imagine spacious, well-maintained units with modern amenities, giving you room to breathe and relax in comfort. The best retirement villages in Australia understand the importance of financial security for retirees, so they prioritise offering a luxurious lifestyle that fits your budget.

This often includes features like on-site cafes, swimming pools, and fitness centres—amenities that may not be available in a traditional home. 

Freedom from Maintenance Worries  

Forget about mowing lawns, fixing leaky faucets, or handling external maintenance. Why? Because in a retirement village, all maintenance tasks are taken care of for you, allowing you to spend your valuable time doing what you love.

But that’s not all! Freedom from maintenance means you’ll see significant cost savings down the line.  

Social Connections and Activities  

Retirement villages aren’t just about comfortable living, they’re about fostering a vibrant community spirit. They provide the perfect environment to eliminate boredom and embrace an active, engaging community. 

Organised events, social gatherings, and clubs provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, forge lasting friendships, and reduce feelings of isolation.  

Financial Perks to Consider 

Beyond the immediate savings on maintenance and utilities, the best retirement villages in Australia often offer financial benefits that can significantly impact your retirement budget.

Here are some key considerations: 

The Entry Fee Advantage 

Your initial payment grants you the right to reside in your new home. The great news is that this fee typically amounts to 70-80% of the local median housing price, making it much more affordable to move into a retirement village.  

Moreover, by paying an entry fee lower than the median house price in your area, you’ll have a substantial portion of capital left after selling your current home. This extra fund ensures a stable cash flow during your retirement, offering peace of mind and financial security. 

Predictable and Transparent Service Fees 

The monthly service fees provide a predictable expense that you can easily incorporate into your budget. This eliminates financial surprises and allows you to plan your retirement spending with confidence.  

By law, retirement village operators cannot generate profits from these fees; they are set at a cost-recovery rate, covering only the actual expenses incurred by the village. Moreover, independent audits ensure complete transparency in how these fees are managed. 

Deferred Management Fee (DMF) 

At first glance, the Deferred Management Fee (DMF), sometimes called a departure or exit fee, might seem like another cost. But here’s the secret: it’s a unique feature that helps manage your cash flow. Unlike a traditional upfront management fee, the DMF is deferred until you decide to leave the village.  

Instead of a hefty upfront fee, you pay a smaller initial amount when entering the village. This makes your initial move into the village much more affordable, freeing up your cash for other needs during this transitional period.  

Stamp Duty Savings 

Unlike traditional property purchases, retirement villages often operate under a lease or license agreement. This typically eliminates the need to pay stamp duty altogether, resulting in significant savings on your upfront costs when moving into the village. 

Presenting the List of Units from The Best Retirement Villages in Australia 

Are you picturing a carefree retirement filled with vibrant social connections and effortless living? Look no further! Today, we’re unveiling some exceptional units nestled within Australia’s premier retirement villages. 

These havens are designed to elevate your golden years, offering a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and a fulfilling community experience. 

Unit 31-32  

Imagine stepping out your door and into a world of meticulously landscaped gardens, perfect for a leisurely morning stroll. Unit 31-32 places you at the heart of the action, with on-site services readily available to enhance your everyday life. 

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits: 

  • Effortless living: Indulge in community events, relax in tastefully decorated lounges, or catch up with friends over a delicious meal in the dining room. 
  • Unwind and recharge: Unwind in your well-appointed living space, or challenge your neighbours to a friendly game of billiards. 
  • Top-notch amenities: Pamper yourself at the hairdressing salon, lose yourself in a captivating book from the library, or soak in the beauty of the gardens and rotundas. 

Unit 49  

Craving a warm and inviting space to call your own? Unit 49 delivers the perfect blend of comfort and functionality. This charming one-bedroom unit provides all the essentials for a relaxed and fulfilling retirement. 

Here’s why you’ll love it: 

  • Compact bliss: Enjoy the convenience of a washer and dryer nestled within your spacious bathroom. 
  • Private sanctuary: Select units boast a private rear veranda, ideal for savoring a cup of coffee while enjoying a good book or simply basking in the fresh air. 
  • Vibrant connections: Step outside your unit and be greeted by a welcoming community, where camaraderie and tranquility go hand-in-hand. 

Unit 50  

Seeking a modern haven that prioritises comfort and ease? Look no further than Unit 50. This one-bedroom haven offers a bright and welcoming atmosphere, thanks to newly installed flooring and freshly painted walls. 

Unwind and enjoy the following: 

  • Effortless living: From regular maintenance to housekeeping, you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of. 
  • Modern comfort: Relax in your comfortable bedroom and indulge in the convenience of a private ensuite bathroom, complete with a washer and dryer. 
  • Prepare your favorites: Whip up delicious meals in your fully-equipped kitchen, complete with cupboards and a refrigerator. 

These are just a taste of the exceptional living experiences offered by Australia’s premier retirement villages. Stay tuned as we explore more incredible units and the vibrant communities they house! 

Finding Your Perfect Match  

  • Finding the best retirement villages in Australia, including the top retirement villages in South Australia, that offer affordable luxury and financial perks can significantly enhance your retirement experience. 
  • By choosing a village that balances comfort, cost, and community, you can enjoy a worry-free, vibrant, and financially secure lifestyle in your golden years. 
  • Take the time to explore your options, consider your preferences, and plan your finances carefully to find the perfect retirement haven that meets all your needs. 
  • It is recommended to contact the retirement village operators directly for more detailed information and personalised assistance in making your decision.  

Your Retirement Oasis Garden Village 

Welcome to your new home at Oasis Garden Village for a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle in your golden years. We offer a range of beautifully maintained retirement villages designed to provide comfort. 

We combine affordable luxury with exceptional services to ensure you enjoy a worry-free and enriching retirement. Our dedication to maintaining high standards of care and comfort, along with our focus on financial transparency and resident satisfaction, makes us the ideal choice for your next chapter. 

Don’t wait any longer! Contact us now to schedule a tour and discover how Oasis Garden Village can make your dream retirement living a reality. 


How much does it cost to live in a retirement village in Australia? 

While there’s a wide range, according to the Property Council’s 2020 Retirement Census, the average entry fee for a two-bedroom unit in Australia is around $463,000.

However, it’s important to note that this is just a starting point. Entry fees can range anywhere from as low as $100,000 to over $2 million. 

Are rates included in retirement village fees? 

Rates, which are fees paid to local councils for services like road maintenance and park upkeep, are typically handled differently depending on the village. In many retirement villages, rates are already incorporated into your monthly service fee. It’s always a good idea to confirm with the specific village you’re interested in to see if rates are included or charged separately. 

Can maintenance fees increase at a retirement village? 

Maintenance fees may be adjusted annually, usually taking effect from July 1st of each financial year. These adjustments involve thorough discussions with residents or their representatives, typically through the resident committee.