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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any pre-requisites to becoming a Resident?

At the time of entry, the applicant or one of the applicants, in the case of a couple, must be over 55 years of age for a luxury retirement villages on Gawler community house.

How does one apply for residence in the village?

Initially, this simply involves an interview filling in a Reservation Agreement for your settled accommodation and paying a reservation fee of $1000.00, which is held by Houtermans Horner Registered Conveyancers of 318 North East Road, Klemzig 5087, which is fully refundable if you are unable to, or decide not to proceed.  When you proceed further, the Retirement Village will be given to you for signing.

We recommend that you seek independent advice of your choice prior to signing the Residence Agreement.

When you are ready to sign the Residence Contract, we will provide you with a completed copy of the Disclosure Statement, the Residence Contract and other documents required to be given to you. You cannot sign the contract until 10 business days after you receive these documents. After signing, you will have a cooling off period of a further 10 business days.

Who actually owns the village? What assurance will I have that the owner’s sponsorship will continue indefinitely?

Retirement Village is owned by Care (SA) Pty. Ltd. ACN 101 208 664

Oasis Garden Village Group is the best retirement village in South Australia genuinely committed to the long-term provision of services to meet the need of Australia’s ageing population.

How can I be sure that the standard of facilities, care and support services provided will not diminish overtime?

One of the main benefits of a lifetime licence, as opposed to other types of security of tenure, is that Oasis Garden Village retains ownership of the Village and therefore a prime interest in ensuring that the reputation of the estate’s facilities and services are always maintained at the highest possible standard.

Who is responsible for re-licensing the Unit?

Upon the Estimated Next Loan being finally determined, the resident must use his/her best endeavours, at the Resident’s Contract, to facilitate the issue of a new licence, including engagement of an Agent who may be the operator, or a nominee of the operator, or a licensed land agent who has been approved by the operator.

Could you please explain the financial aspects of the loan/licence?

The Loan

At the commencement of the licence, the resident makes an interest free loan to Oasis Garden Village retirement houses for sale equal to the purchase price of the selected unit. The Operator grants to the Resident: (a) a licence to use and occupy the Residence: (b) the right to use Fixtures and Fittings, presently affixed to or situated in the Residence.

Loan Repayment – Management Fee

On the termination of the licence, the loan is repaid to the resident or the Resident’s Estate, retirement houses for sale less the amount of retention.

In addition to the loan repayment, a maintenance levy is charged. This is to a maximum of 5 years. The maintenance levy will be paid into a trust account. This will be used for any maintenance or upgrading of the Retirement Village and provision for future replacement of major items.

Are there any options which a resident could request for his/her Villa?

A resident can request the manager’s approval for certain additions and improvements be fitted to his/her Villa. The resident would arrange and meet the cost of undertaking this.

What ‘inclusions’ are there in the particular residence in which I am interested? Who is responsible for maintaining these items and replacing them when they wear out?

The monthly maintenance fee covers the maintenance of appliances, fixtures and fittings within the villa. Resident/s have a responsibility to ensure that these items are kept in good working order. All appliances, fixtures and fittings will be repaired and/or replaced by Oasis Garden Village as required and in accordance with the Residence Contract.

What restrictions will there be on residents in the use of his/her Villa and the Village facilities with regards to:
    • Having someone else live with him/her and having visitors, including overnight or short stay guests.

Retirement Living may have friends or relatives visit them at any reasonable time. Residents may not permit any person to occupy their residence either as a short term, long term or temporary guest without the consent of the Operator, which may refuse such consent if considered inappropriate. The Operator will give It’s reason in writing. A resident shall not permit more than one such guest to occupy his or her residence at any time without the consent of the Operator, if such consent is granted then the Operator will advise if a charge will apply. Retirement Village must ensure their invitees do not behave in a manner likely to cause a nuisance or embarrassment to any other person and comply with the Residents Rules.

    • Car parking

Limited undercover parking can be supplied as an extra on a separate contract.  Parking spaces for visitor’s cars can be provided within the Village.

    • Pets

Pets will always be very welcome. For many people, pets are a natural part of life and there is no reason for this to change. Dogs, cats, budgies and goldfish are all welcome in the Estate if they belong to responsible owners. It is recommended that cats should have their own enclosure.

Can a Residence Agreement be terminated? Under what conditions?

A Residence Agreement can be terminated by the resident at any time.  The Retirement Villages Act also provides that a resident has a right of occupation which cannot be terminated unless the resident dies, the resident terminates the Residence Contract, the resident commits a breach of the Residence Contract and Rules, or the villa or serviced apartment becomes unsuitable because of the resident’s mental or physical incapacity. Section 44 of the Residents Contract has some additional rights for the Operator to terminate.

What protection does a resident have against a loss of rights (including accommodation rights) if the village is sold to another organisation?

The Retirement Village Act provides you with protection and your lifetime licence ensures your inalienable right to occupy your particular villa or serviced apartment.

Should the Village be sold to another organisation, your accommodation rights would be protected?

Can a resident move or be moved from one part of the estate to another?

The resident may apply to Oasis Garden Village to transfer from one unit to another on the basis of mobility difficulties or on medical grounds. Oasis Garden Village would allocate another serviced apartment provided one is available. The original unit must be re-sold at resident’s cost.

Can a resident move from one part of the estate to another. If he/she wishes to do so other than in the circumstances outlined above.

If a resident wishes to move gawler community house, he/she may do so subject to availability. The resident would be required to enter into a new Residence Contract for the new unit which would include a new loan arrangement to suit the purchase price of the new unit in our retirement village.

Can residents be made liable for any additional or extraordinary charge and, if so, for what purposes?

All costs and charges, for which a resident will be liable, are detailed in the Residence Contract.  Oasis Garden Village will seek to include all anticipated costs and charges in the annual outgoing budget. The other fees and charges relating to occupation of the residence for which the resident is responsible are telephone connection; calls and maintenance, contents insurance; including public liability insurance, internet and PayTV.

What type of public transport and shopping will be available to residents?

Gawler on-demand Bus Service currently operates in Gawler. Regular train services are available to Adelaide and buses are also available to the Barossa. The bus stop is located on Lyndoch Road. Oasis Garden Village has a courtesy car and driver if required for the resident to go to appointments in Gawler (a small charge is payable). The Oasis Garden Village is located near the Gawler Shopping Centre offering a large range of shops.

Can I still do some gardening?

If a resident so desires, an appropriate area of garden to maintain will be allocated where one is available. It will then be the responsibility of that resident to maintain that garden to a standard in keeping with the rest of the Village gardens.

Our friendly and helpful gardening staff will maintain all common areas of the Village gardens and will be available to provide limited assistance and advice to residents maintaining their own garden.

If a resident no longer wishes to maintain an area of garden, upon advice to reception, the garden will revert back to being a common area of the Village, maintained by our gardening staff.

What arrangements will exist for residents to participate in the management of the Village?

If established by the lifestyle retirement village, a Resident’s Committee may meet regularly to discuss matters of common interest and any recommendations it might wish to make would be forwarded to Oasis Garden Village.

What services are provided to me when I purchase a unit?

Provisions for breakfast are supplied from the kitchen for your unit. This enables you to decide what time you wish to get up in the morning. The dining room facilities offers two meals a day. Staff are happy to provide specialised diets as required. Units are cleaned and maintained by Oasis Garden Village staff and assistance can be provided with bed making if required. Bed linen and towels are supplied. Your unit is supplied with a washer/dryer for personal laundry, or arrangements can be made with staff.

How will my unit be decorated?

Some of the features include:

  • Fridge.
  • Individually controlled reverse cycle air conditioning.
  • 24-hour emergency call button.
  • Kitchen facilities, for you to bring your own kettle, toaster and microwave, along with crockery etc.
  • Light fittings.
  • Curtains.
  • Security locks.
What are the financial details?

Investment retirement houses for sale from $125,000 – $340,000 plus the cost of any extra furniture & furnishings.

After investing in your unit, it may increase in value. If you decide to sell, the money paid back to you is based on a percentage of the new value of your investment.

When you vacate your unit the percentage refunded will depend on your length of stay and the amount on the price the unit is re-licensed for.

At the commencement of the licence, the retirement village makes an interest-free loan to Oasis Garden Village equal to the purchase price of the selected unit. Should you leave, your refund will be paid directly to you or your retirement village, once the unit is re-licenced.

No stamp duty is charged on a Residence Contract

This information Memorandum is intended for general background purposes and the provisions of the Residence Agreement shall take precedence.

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