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Finding Your Ideal Retirement Living Destination for seniors

retirement living

Embarking on your retirement journey bestows you the precious gift of time, allowing you to savor the things you hold dear. The conclusion of your working years signifies a pivotal moment, ushering in a fresh, unwritten chapter in your life. You’ve arrived at the ideal destination for those pondering where to commence scripting this next phase. In the ensuing discourse, we will delve into the domain of retirement living, aiding you in assessing whether it is the perfect setting to relish your golden years. This comprehensive guide is crafted to assist you in navigating the nuances of comfortable and luxury retirement villages, providing insights into the amenities, lifestyle, and considerations accompanying this significant life transition.


What Does Retirement Living Entail?

Retirement living embodies a community-centered lifestyle, fostering active social engagement in your newfound phase of life while ensuring safety and readily available assistance. It challenges conventional retirement notions by cultivating a positive, secure, and comfortable environment for the next chapter of your life.

In South Australia, retirement living is increasingly popular, emerging as the preferred choice for individuals concluding their careers. It offers the chance to enjoy many desired amenities, picturesque surroundings, and a supportive community, all within the confines of a single village. This transformative lifestyle choice promises a shift in residence and a holistic embrace of a vibrant and fulfilling retirement experience in a setting designed to cater to your evolving needs and aspirations.


For whom is this appropriate?

Retirement peoples primarily addresses the needs of individuals aged 55 or 60 and above who aim to sustain an independent lifestyle in a community-oriented setting. It particularly appeals to those who value personal autonomy while cherishing social interaction with fellow residents. Furthermore, it presents an appealing option for couples, especially when one or both partners have specific care needs. Some retirement communities offer diverse assistance and care services, allowing couples to cohabit while receiving the necessary support and attention. This choice not only fosters independence but also facilitates a supportive environment that accommodates varying care requirements, ensuring that residents can embrace their golden years with the assurance of both autonomy and companionship.


Insights into luxury retirement villages

In South Australia, retirement villages specialize in offering purpose-built, high-quality housing options for those desiring independent living within a secure and enjoyable environment throughout their retirement years. These carefully designed villages provide a variety of accommodation styles, including houses, apartments, and retirement bungalows, presenting retirees with a broad selection to suit their preferences. The seamlessly woven into the fabric of these villages, ensuring that residents can not only choose their ideal dwelling but also relish a lifestyle tailored to their needs. With a focus on creating vibrant communities, these villages go beyond mere housing, fostering an environment where retirees can actively engage, form connections, and experience the enriching aspects of a setting that prioritizes comfort and quality of life.

retirement living

In South Australian Retirement Villages

In Australian retirement communities, a life of luxury awaits retirees. These exclusive havens offer opulent leisure facilities like swimming pools, restaurants, bars, and a variety of curated social activities. Security is a top priority, with measures like access passes ensuring a safe living environment. Residents handle cleaning and household bills independently, while dedicated staff manage property maintenance, streamlining the retirement experience. This seamless blend of luxury amenities, security, and personalized services reflects the commitment of South Australian retirement communities to offer retirees a lifestyle that goes beyond mere accommodation, embodying enriched and fulfilling living.


Embracing Independence in Retirement Living

Within one of its most captivating facets lies the independence it bestows upon residents. In addition to the dedicated staff overseeing the general upkeep and security of retirement villages, this setting grants a level of autonomy comparable to living alone. While renowned for promoting healthy and active lifestyles, retirement villages empower residents with complete control over their daily activities and schedules. It’s crucial to highlight that choosing Oasis Garden Village means embracing a community with neighbours, underscoring the importance of considerate coexistence. This distinctive blend of autonomy and communal living defines the essence of retirement living, where individuals can lead fulfilling, self-directed lives while enjoying the benefits of a supportive and engaging community environment.


Levels of Care

While synonymous with independent living in a community setting, retirement villages offer the option to access care services, albeit with variations across communities. Some towns enlist care workers to assist residents, often incurring additional costs. The level of care you receive is entirely customizable, aligning with your individual needs and preferences. Specific retirement villages extend assisted living services, enabling residents to preserve their independence while receiving support for tasks like bathing, dressing, or medication management. When considering a move to a retirement community, evaluating your current and anticipated future support requirements is imperative. This flexibility in care services underscores the commitment of retirement living communities to cater to diverse needs, ensuring residents can age in place with a continuum of care that aligns seamlessly with their evolving health considerations


Social Life

Retirement communities are renowned for their vibrant activity programs, teeming with social engagement opportunities for residents in their post-working years. These meticulously planned programs include diverse activities such as quiz nights, arts and crafts, communal dining experiences, game nights, and light exercise sessions. Participation in these activities is optional, typically organised by residents, fostering community involvement and idea-sharing. Within the embrace of retirement living, friendships naturally flourish, promoting the organisation of personalised activities and outings like shopping excursions, fishing trips, gardening projects, and day trips. Additionally, these communities feature communal areas where residents can socialise and unwind together. Most retirement villages proudly present a range of facilities, including restaurants, pubs, libraries, activity rooms, gyms, and even swimming pools, contributing to a dynamic and fulfilling experience.


Buying or Renting

The fees for retirement living can vary considerably based on location and the selected package. Opting to purchase a property remains a prevalent choice among retirement community residents, predominantly due to the financial prudence associated with downsizing. Nevertheless, it’s noteworthy that an escalating number of best retirement villages in Australia developers are introducing renting as an alternative for residents. It is prudent to thoroughly explore the option that best aligns with your preferences, whether buying or renting a retirement property. This decision underscores the flexibility within retirement community, enabling individuals to tailor their housing choices to their unique financial considerations and lifestyle preferences.


What to Bring

Embarking on your transition to a new home within the retirement living community grants you the liberty to furnish and decorate according to your preferences. It’s crucial to acknowledge that downsizing is likely, prompting consideration of options such as selling, donating, storing, or passing on some furniture to loved ones during the relocation process. Moreover, numerous luxury retirement villages extend the privilege of having pets reside with you in your new retirement home. However, verifying this with the salesperson during the property viewing is imperative to ensure that your four-legged companions are warmly welcomed. This personalized approach to settling into retirement living underscores the flexibility and individuality inherent in the transition, allowing residents to create a home that reflects their tastes and preferences while embracing the companionship of cherished pets.


What is Retirement Living and its Advantages?

Retirement living units (RLUs) cater to seniors seeking to downsize and ease their home maintenance responsibilities. Aging in place becomes more feasible as we age, and accessible living becomes essential. Transitioning to a retirement living unit eliminates the need for further moves unless unforeseen circumstances require additional care with age.

retirement living

There are three primary benefits to choosing retirement living


Community Tailored to Your Needs:

Retirement Living Units (RLUs) guide in a tailored community, blending convenience and independence seamlessly. Liberate residents from housing-related stresses; these units ensure autonomy while addressing maintenance concerns. Our dedicated onsite maintenance team handles general upkeep, from gardening to gutter care, amplifying the retirement living experience. At Scalabrini, RLUs prioritize accessibility through thoughtful design elements such as single-level structures and walk-in showers. This commitment to enhancing the retirement living environment underscores our dedication to providing a stress-free, comfortable lifestyle tailored to the unique needs of our residents.


Enhanced Quality of Life and Social Connection:

Retirement communities host various social events, fostering an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Engaging with neighbours and meeting new people becomes a regular part of your experience. The dynamic environment ensures there’s always something happening, minimising the risk of social isolation or loneliness.


Safety, Security, and Access to Care:

RLUs share grounds with our aged care facilities, providing safety, security, and peace of mind. The retirement living community allows you to access services from our senior care facilities and benefit from the presence of our dedicated staff.

Our RLUs are clean and recently refurbished, ready for immediate occupancy. While they come furnished, you also have the option to personalise your living space according to your preferences. Common areas outside the units encourage interaction with neighbours and participation in group activities.


A Diverse Lifestyle Choice for Everyone

luxury retirement villages are purposefully crafted communities promoting active, independent and retirement living, attracting residents from various walks of life. Some are still engaged in work, others are semi-retired, while others bid farewell to their professional days.

These villages foster a social atmosphere, offering communal facilities, activities, and group outings. However, the level of participation is entirely at your discretion.


Vibrant, Health-conscious, and Exciting Living

Through a survey encompassing over 4,000 residents, we discovered that those in best retirement villages in Australia aspire to lead lively and stimulating lives, emphasizing health and well-being.

Interestingly, some residents shared aspirations such as finding love, getting a tattoo, and even skydiving!

Retirement villages are meticulously designed to facilitate a dynamic, healthy, and thrilling lifestyle. You can capitalise on the social, well-being, and low-maintenance living advantages while pursuing activities that bring you joy, whether work, travel, or other personal interests.


Differentiating Lifestyle Villages from Retirement Villages

Underlining the distinctions between Lifestyle Villages and, a 2020 Macquarie University study exposed the intricacies of specific Living contracts, with documents spanning up to 500 pages. Astonishingly, only one in 20 university-educated retirees surveyed could determine the most cost-effective agreement among three options.

Furthermore, choosing to sell may entail an obligation to sell through the luxury retirement villages operator. This potential constraint limits your property’s exposure and hinders you from realising the optimal selling price. The study sheds light on critical disparities in contractual complexity and selling dynamics, emphasising the need for a nuanced understanding when considering Lifestyle Villages versus.


Retirement Villages:

Complex Contracts: villages contracts are intricate, involving entry and exit fees, deferred management fees, capital gains fees, refurbishment fees, and recurrent charges. Each village has unique terms, conditions, and fee structures, making comparisons challenging.


Contract Length: Some contracts are extensive, with a 2020 Macquarie University study revealing that only one in twenty university-educated retirees could identify the most cost-effective option out of three contracts, some spanning up to five hundred pages.


Selling Challenges: You might be constrained to sell through the village operator, limiting your property’s exposure and potentially affecting the sale price.


Lifestyle Villages:

Simplified Contracts: Over-fifties lifestyle resorts attract a younger demographic, offering transparent and straightforward contracts. You own your home outright, with a separate agreement for a modest weekly site rental.


Active Lifestyle: Lifestyle villages boast premium resort facilities such as indoor and outdoor pools, fully equipped gyms, beauty salons, grand ballrooms, cafes, bars, and sports facilities like tennis and pickleball courts, ten-pin and lawn bowls, art studios, and workshops.


Age Difference: Homeowners in lifestyle resorts, like Gem Life, are typically ten years younger on average than those in villages.


Selling Flexibility: When selling, you can choose between selling through the resort or using your preferred real estate agent. You retain all proceeds from the sale, including capital gains, minus standard selling costs.



In Hutchinson Road, GAWLER EAST, and The Oasis Garden Village, retirement living units are available at different prices. To inquire about joining the Oasis Garden Village retirement community, please call us at (08) 85224145 or email us at  office@oasisgardenvillage.net.au