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Explore The Reasons Why Oasis Stands Out As The Perfect Selection For A Retirement Village.

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Retirement Village South Australia deserve a secure and picturesque setting for their retirement, which is why there is a growing demand for top-tier and best retirement villages in Australia. However, not all retirement villages and communities are of the same quality.

Here, we present our essential guidelines for selecting the perfect retirement village to meet your needs.

Reap The Benefits Of Community And Independence

Retirement Village South Australia has evolved into much more than just a place for retirees; they have become synonymous with providing retirees with a secure, lively, and community-oriented setting. At Oasis Garden Village, we take this concept a step further by offering an enriched experience where residents not only enjoy the perks of community life but also retain their cherished independence. Our retirement village in Gawler is meticulously designed to strike a harmonious balance, ensuring that you remain connected with like-minded individuals while relishing the flexibility and freedom of independent living.

Our commitment to fostering a thriving community is at the heart of what we do. It’s about more than just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle that harmonises the benefits of social interaction and personal autonomy. In our retirement villages, you’ll discover a supportive network of peers who share your interests and passions, providing opportunities for companionship, shared activities, and a real sense of belonging.

Moreover, the design and amenities of our villages are tailored to cater to your independence. We offer comfortable and modern living spaces that allow you to maintain your privacy and freedom while having the peace of mind that comes with a secure and welcoming community.

At Oasis Garden Village, we understand that your retirement should be a time of fulfilment, and our best retirement villages in Australia are designed with this in mind. We invite you to experience the perfect blend of community and independence in our Retirement Village South Australia, where your golden years can truly shine.

Retirement Village Agreements and Costs

Oasis Garden Village provides detailed information regarding their retirement village contracts and fees in a point-by-point breakdown:

Investment Options: Affordable pricing for units and apartments.

  • Serviced units starting at $170,000.
  • Apartments available from $120,000.

Living Fee: Calculated at 84% of the pension plus rent assistance and utilities allowance. Variable based on government pension and CPI changes.

Investment Value: The value of your unit or apartment may be appreciated during your occupancy. The percentage refunded upon vacating is based on the new value of your investment. The refund amount is dependent on the length of your stay and the re-licensing price of the unit.

License Agreement: At the beginning of the license agreement, residents provide an interest-free loan to Oasis Garden Village equivalent to the purchase price of the chosen unit. This grants residents the right to use and occupy the residence along with fixtures and fittings affixed to it.

Loan Repayment: Repayment amounts vary based on the length of your occupancy. The repayment amount is determined by a percentage of the new loan amount, which may have increased in value compared to the original loan.

Benefits and Calculations

  • For occupancy between 90 days and one year: 90% of the next loan is made to Oasis Garden Village.
  • For occupancy between one and two years: 85% of the next loan.
  • For occupancy between two and five years: 80% of the next loan.
  • For occupancy exceeding five years: 75% of the next loan.

Additional Costs: In addition to the loan repayment, residents are responsible for refurbishment costs and marketing fees.

Living Fee Coverage: Your pension will typically cover the living fee, which includes a portion of your pension, rent assistance, and utility allowance.

Other personal expenses, such as telephone and hairdressing, are your responsibility.

Why oasis garden village is the Perfect Selection for retirement village

At Oasis Garden Village, our dedicated and compassionate staff, possessing a wealth of experience in senior care, are committed to enriching the lives of our elderly residents by actively engaging them in a variety of activities.

Expert and Compassionate Staff: At Oasis Garden Village, our team of caregivers possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in providing exceptional care to elderly residents. Our staff is not only well-versed in senior care but is also committed to ensuring that our residents lead happy, fulfilling lives by actively engaging them in a variety of enriching activities.

Tailored Comfort and Accommodation: We prioritise the comfort and well-being of our elderly residents, offering them a range of three distinct villa types, each meticulously designed to meet their specific needs. Moreover, our villas are not just built for our residents but also consider the comfort of their frequent visiting family members. We aim to create an environment where everyone feels at home.

Uncompromising Quality Care: Oasis Garden Village is purposefully designed to cater to the evolving needs of seniors and retirees who wish to age gracefully while maintaining an active lifestyle. We provide a diverse selection of villas and apartments, ensuring that individuals can choose the one that aligns with their personal preferences and financial considerations. Our commitment to quality care extends to every facet of our community, making it an ideal choice for those seeking the best retirement villages in Australia.

A Range of Living Options: We offer a range of living options, including apartments and independent units, giving residents the freedom to select the accommodation that best suits their lifestyle and needs.

Comprehensive Healthcare Support: Oasis Garden Village ensures that residents have access to the healthcare support they may require, promoting both physical and emotional well-being.

Delicious and Nutritious Meals: We take pride in providing our residents with a delightful dining experience. Nutritious and delicious meals are prepared to meet diverse tastes and dietary needs, ensuring that our residents can savour their meals with pleasure.

Round-the-clock Emergency Assistance: The safety and security of our residents are paramount. We offer a 24-hour emergency call system to provide immediate assistance when needed, giving residents and their families peace of mind.

Supportive Care: Management covers all other expenses, including apartment maintenance, meals, gas, electricity, repairs, rates, insurance (excluding personal belongings), security, and emergency call systems.

Investment Appreciation: Your unit or apartment may increase in value over time. The refund percentage upon vacating is based on the new value of your investment, considering your length of stay and the re-licensing price.

Pet-Friendly: Pets, such as dogs and cats, are welcome.

Security and Emergency Services: Independent villas are equipped with security intercoms and a 24-hour emergency call system for staff.

For further inquiries or additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact Oasis Garden Village.

What are the advantages of living in a retirement Village?

Choosing to reside in a retirement village offers a multitude of advantages. Alongside an array of amenities, including hair salons, Private TV Rooms and Games, and community gardens, you will also have access to various allied health services and a 24-hour emergency call system. Moreover, the retirement village can collaborate with you to ensure you receive the necessary care and support while maintaining your independence.

retirement village

One of the primary attractions is the sense of community. With the passage of time, as our families embark on their own journeys and peers of the same age move on, it is not uncommon to experience feelings of loneliness or isolation. Retirement villages provide an excellent solution to combat these emotions by offering ample opportunities to form new friendships and regain a sense of belonging. When researching retirement villages, explore the variety of clubs and social events they offer – this can be an ideal starting point for fostering new connections!

Know All About Oasis Garden Village

Whether you cherish your independence or value social connections, Oasis Garden Village will make you feel right at home.

At Oasis, our lifestyle guarantees a sense of security and peace of mind within your residence, whether you choose to explore local attractions or venture further afield. Our dedicated staff is readily available to aid when required, ensuring you fully relish your time in your new home.


Nestled in the heart of Gawler, next to the Gawler Health Service (Hospital), Oasis Garden Village offers a slice of tropical Queensland right in South Australia. The name ‘Oasis Garden Village’ perfectly captures the lush landscaping, featuring palm trees, tropical ferns, and serene water features throughout the premises.

Accommodation can take various forms, including.

Combining the features of independent living with serviced units, Oasis Garden Village offers a holistic and enriching lifestyle. Our serviced units and apartments are thoughtfully designed to cater to your needs, including chef-prepared meals, cleaning, linen services, and a 24-hour emergency call system. If you require additional care, we can make the necessary arrangements for you.

We cordially invite you and your family to visit our Village and experience the comfortable living environment you’ll proudly call home.


Choose from our selection of one and two-bedroom serviced apartments and units, each with a unique design to suit your preferences.


Wake up at your convenience with continental breakfast delivered directly to your unit or apartment from our kitchen.

Enjoy chef-prepared two-course meals for lunch and dinner in our dining room, where you can Savour your meal with a glass of wine. We can also deliver your meal to your unit if you’re not feeling your best.

Our dedicated staff is happy to accommodate specialised dietary requirements when needed.

Your unit will be regularly cleaned and maintained by our Oasis Garden Village team. We can also assist with bed-making if required.

All units are equipped with a washer/dryer, and apartments feature a personal laundry area. Oasis Garden Village supplies fresh sheets and towels on a weekly basis.


At Oasis Garden Village, we are committed to upholding your independence, dignity, and self-respect through the highest standard of continuous care and a wide range of support services. We hold an extra care license that allows us to assist with medication if necessary and help you arrange for additional care.


  • Individually controlled reverse cycle air conditioning for your comfort.
  • A 24-hour emergency call button for your safety and peace of mind.
  • Kitchenette facilities where you can bring your own kettle, toaster, microwave, and crockery.
  • Well-appointed light fittings and drapes.
  • Security locks to ensure your security.
  • A washer/dryer in all units, along with a laundry area in apartments, with Oasis Garden Village providing fresh sheets and towels weekly.
  • You are encouraged to personalise your unit with your personal items and furniture. If you prefer, we can furnish your unit at a reasonable cost. and Pets are always welcome at Oasis Garden Village.